This site serves two purposes: it documents some of my work in Augmentative and Alternative Communication, and,  it covers some issues on disability and impairment.   What do we mean by ability spectrum? At its core, I believe that ability is a spectrum; it is not a dichotomy between ability and disability. Elsewhere we will take a closer look at the concept of disability and impairment. For here, suffice it to say that I consider ability as varied and diverse. What is deficient in ability can often be remedied or ameliorated with technology. I am interested in using technology to shift people on the ability spectrum.

Hi, I am Yih Lerh Huang.

I trained in Psychology and Mathematics but had a career in software, as a startup entrepreneur and eventually as the CTO of a 100+ year-old company. I have diverse interests beyond tech, ranging from civil society to political economy, having acquired a recent graduate degree in International Development. My current endeavours include independent R&D in AAC, primarily using the Arduino platform. If you are interested in getting in touch, please leave a message on these pages. It will be privately sent to me.






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