A $10 Blink Detector for Locked-in Syndrome Users

This DIY blink detector can be made in less than 10 minutes for under $10.

A borescope is mounted on a goggle to the side of one eye. Software interprets the camera’s video image to identify two (maybe three) eye gestures. The user could use a scanning ‘keyboard’ to blink out a message. Alternatively, she could blink Morse code.

Instructional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C95J9l0416I&feature=youtu.be





The borescope is mounted on a goggle so the camera does not move when the head moves, thus making the design a lot more robust than one that uses a web cam (see https://abilityspectrum.wordpress.com/2015/05/18/blink-is-bliss/)

The software is made with Processing and has been tested on OSX. Work is progressing to make the software cross-platform.

We also intend to add functions such as email and texting.


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5 comments on “A $10 Blink Detector for Locked-in Syndrome Users
  1. I’m interested in trying this technology. Do you offer detail design instructions?

  2. It appears the boroscope is a bit more than $10.

    • ylh says:

      A good borescope costs more. But I’ve had success with inexpensive ones available on aliexpress. Search “5.5mm 7mm borescope”. Be sure to buy one with a side mirror.

  3. Very nice videos of the eye blink detection and very good work in general. Thank you for sharing.

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